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Welcome to <Club Thrall> on the <US Ravencrest> server of World of Warcraft! We are a friendly, adults-only guild with active members (most of whom are level 85) and a regular raiding schedule.

On this site there will be cursing, there will be dirty jokes, but there will also be maturity, level-headed-ness, and supervision. We like to have fun and vulgarity is often part of that, but we are mature about it and don't allow drama to seep into our ranks. If there's a problem, it will be repaired and quickly.

Halfway through Level 5, we are progressing fast and hard, and welcome anyone (regardless of level or class) to be a part of our family! The talk of Ravencrest (one of the first and only Pick Up Groups to get past Shannox in Firelands, we have actually downed 6/7 in a PuG), we know our shit and want to help you learn yours (or for you to school us...whichever comes first!)

Brief overview of what we stand for or can provide to our members:
  • Structure; our ranks and groups are always well structured and fairly supervised.
  • 4 bank tabs; you need only ask for consideration to receive an item you cannot yet withdraw.
  • Activity-based promotion; we base your rank on how active and social you are, not how long you've been a member.
  • Progressive Raiding Team, and Secondary Progressive Raiding Team in the works!
  • Friendly atmosphere with helpful and fair Officers.
  • Easy-going General, Raiding, and Loot Distribution rules (see the forums and guild information tabs for complete outline.)
  • Regular raiding schedule.
  • Casual progression; Blackwing's Descent 5/6, Firelands 6/7, Bastion of Twilight 4/4
  • Regularly performed mount, achievement, and gear (transmogrification or upgrade) runs.
  • Easily accessible RaidCall server (this is a FREE and easy to use program with less lag output than Ventrilo, Mumble, or Teamspeak.)
  • All professions (secondary and primary) at 525/525; some duplicates for helpful restocking and outfitting.
  • Very open-minded player base! We're always open to suggestions.
  • Random guild events; Game Nights, rewards for activity points upon guild milestone achievements, Guild Weekly Quests to promote guild achievements and material gathering with a gold reward upon completion, etc. Looking to set up a Guild Weekly Lottery and set Game Night scheduling.
  • And much, much more!
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Beth'tilac One Shot: 2/4 Bosses Down In One Night!!!

Briarhorn-Ravencrest, Nov 17, 11 3:02 PM.

That's right, we've managed to down Shannox, Beth'tilac, Rhyolith, AND Alysrazor all in five hours and on the first night of our raid week: Tuesday!

Great job everyone! Enjoy the videos!

Shannox One Shot: 1/4 Bosses Down in One Night!!

Briarhorn-Ravencrest, Nov 17, 11 3:00 PM.

Alysrazor Full Fight - 11/14/2011

Briarhorn-Ravencrest, Nov 17, 11 2:59 PM.
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We are recruiting any and all, regardless of level/race/class/role, so long as you are over the age of 18 and have an open mind. We open our arms to anyone who wants to join a guild that will not only help them out, but be a social boon and prove to be a place where a player can really be themselves
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